“Tommy Hanson is a common-sense conservative that believes in fiscal responsibility, full funding of law enforcement, and smart growth.”


I’m Tommy Hanson and I’m running for US Congress for the 5th District in Illinois because I love this community and believe in protecting its values.

I believe in fiscal responsibility, full funding of law enforcement, and common-sense growth. I was born in the city, raised on the North Shore, lived in the suburbs and then moved back to the city over 35 years ago. As a small business owner and family man, I have proudly been a part of the fabric of our great region my entire life. I believe in family and have always focused on the well-being of my family and those around me. I believe in community and have always been active in our community—working with people and organizations from every political and social part of life. I believe in giving back at every level. That is why I want to represent you in Congress.

It is obvious that our current approach is not working. Hundreds of thousands have fled the city, crime is rampant, businesses are boarded up, trains are half full, police morale is down while your taxes and cost of living are way up. We have to fix this and fix it quick.

I’m a business man, husband and father that will effectively represent you and your concerns in DC. Please share our campaign with your friends and family that care about Cook and Lake Counties as well as cities such as Chicago, DesPlaines, Park Ridge, Lake Zurich, Barrington, Norridge, Lincolnwood, Elk Grove Village and Arlington Heights.

As we progress through this campaign I want to hear from you. Please send me an email.

Together we will create common-sense solutions for Inflation, Crime, Illegal Immigration and Economic Growth.

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